Swing Gates

  • Simple but effective swing gate barrier suitable for most access restriction situations
  • A practical alternative to using folding Bollards & Posts
  • Spans roadways upto 7m in a single span (12m if used in pairs)
  • Swings through 90 degrees in either direction
  • Optional hold open post (lockable) available
  • Steel tube construction, powder coated in choice of red or yellow
  • Arm receiving post comes complete with padlock and keys
  • Choice of STOP or No Entry signs
  • The car park barriers are simple to install - just drill eight holes into a firm concrete base
  • Installation is available at extra cost - please call

When ordering please confirm (in the shopping cart 'comments' field) the road width and if posts will be placed on the road or on a grass verge/path

Customer Helpline

call 0845 6009675


1 year parts


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Sign (pair)

asc desc
PUM36/R/NE 3-6 metre boom Red No Entry
PUM36/R/ST 3-6 metre boom Red Stop
PUM36/Y/NE 3-6 metre boom Yellow No Entry
PUM36/Y/ST 3-6 metre boom Yellow Stop
PUM67/R/NE 6-7 metre boom Red No Entry
PUM67/R/ST 6-7 metre boom Red Stop
PUM67/Y/NE 6-7 metre boom Yellow No Entry
PUM67/Y/ST 6-7 metre boom Yellow Stop


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PUMHO Hold open post

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