Plastic Tapered Trucks

  • General purpose industrial and catering trucks
  • Manufactured in food grade polyethylene
  • Nestable for compact storage
  • Choice of  colours
  • External dimensions listed
  • Models RB0317 and RB0412 are fitted with a plastic base for extra strength
  • Lids available


Please note that delivery time is 5 working days for blue and red but yellow and green bins may take 10-14 days..

Customer Helpline

call 0845 6009675


1 year parts


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asc desc
RB0003/B 72L Blue No Lid
RB0003/G 72L Green No Lid
RB0003/R 72L Red No Lid
RB0003/Y 72L Yellow No Lid
RB0120/B 118L Blue No Lid
RB0120/G 118L Green No Lid
RB0120/R 118L Red No Lid
RB0120/Y 118L Yellow No Lid
RB0121/B 135L Blue No Lid
RB0121/G 135L Green No Lid
RB0121/R 135L Red No Lid
RB0121/Y 135L Yellow No Lid
RB0227/B 200L Blue No Lid
RB0227/G 200L Green No Lid
RB0227/R 200L Red No Lid
RB0227/Y 200L Yellow No Lid
RB0317/B 320L Blue No Lid
RB0317/G 320L Green No Lid
RB0317/R 320L Red No Lid
RB0317/Y 320L Yellow No Lid
RB0412/B 455L Blue No Lid
RB0412/G 455L Green No Lid
RB0412/R 455L Red No Lid
RB0412/Y 455L Yellow No Lid
WPX0003/B 72L Blue Lid Included
WPX0003/G 72L Green Lid Included
WPX0003/R 72L Red Lid Included
WPX0003/Y 72L Yellow Lid Included
WPX0120/B 118L Blue Lid Included
WPX0120/G 118L Green Lid Included
WPX0120/R 118L Red Lid Included
WPX0120/Y 118L Yellow Lid Included
WPX0121/B 135L Blue Lid Included
WPX0121/G 135L Green Lid Included
WPX0121/R 135L Red Lid Included
WPX0121/Y 135L Yellow Lid Included
WPX0227/B 200L Blue Lid Included
WPX0227/G 200L Green Lid Included
WPX0227/R 200L Red Lid Included
WPX0227/Y 200L Yellow Lid Included
WPX0317/B 320L Blue Lid Included
WPX0317/G 320L Green Lid Included
WPX0317/R 320L Red Lid Included
WPX0317/Y 320L Yellow Lid Included
WPX0412/B 455L Blue Lid Included
WPX0412/G 455L Green Lid Included
WPX0412/R 455L Red Lid Included
WPX0412/Y 455L Yellow Lid Included