Plastic Container Trucks

  • Tank manufactured in food grade medium density polyethylene
  • Tough powder coated steel chassis with 2 fixed & 2 swivel 200mm corner mounted castors
  • Save by buying combined tank and chassis 
  • 370, 455 and 540 litre capacities
  • It is recommended that the bins are only 1/3 or 1/2 filled.
  • Colours: Red and Dark Blue

Customer Helpline

call 0845 6009675


1 year parts


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Tank Size

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0C0210+RDO405/DB Tank & Chassis 455L Dark Blue
0C0210+RDO405/R Tank & Chassis 455L Red
0C0211+RCO504/DB Tank & Chassis 540L Dark Blue
0C0211+RCO504/R Tank & Chassis 540L Red
OC0105+RD0303/DB Tank & Chassis 370L Dark Blue
OC0105+RD0303/R Tank & Chassis 370L Red
OC0105/B Chassis Only N/A Dark Blue
OC0105/R Chassis Only N/A Red
RCO504/DB Tank Only 540L Dark Blue
RCO504/R Tank Only 540L Red
RD0303/DB Tank Only 370L Dark Blue
RD0303/R Tank Only 370L Red
RDO405/DB Tank Only 455L Dark Blue
RDO405/R Tank Only 455L Red

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