Painters Stepladder

  • Quality swingback steps for trade and industrial use
  • BS2037 Class 1
  • Locking stays
  • 80mm deep non-slip serrated treads
  • Plastic feet
  • Self-colour Aluminium
  • Twin safety handrails and high support rail
  • Work tray

This is the ideal stepladder for trade and domestic use

Customer Helpline

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1 year parts


asc desc


asc desc
SK7017 2 Tread, 350mm Platform Height
SK7018 3 Tread, 580mm Platform Height
SK7019 4 Tread, 800mm Platform Height
SK7020 5 Tread, 1030mm Platform Height
SK7021 6 Tread, 1250mm Platform Height
SK7022 7 Tread, 1480mm Platform Height