iMac Security Slippers

  • Discreet high security clamp for all iMacs
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Security slipper enables rotational movement
  • 2 sizes available
  • All in one security solution for the iMac and peripherals. Easy to install, fits neatly to the desk. Robust construction, secure 4 point fixing. Rotational movement available. Choice of colours.

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1 year parts


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To Suit

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IMAC3-SLIP215/DGR 21.52 iMac Dark Grey
IMAC3-SLIP215/K 21.52 iMac Black
IMAC3-SLIP215/S 21.52 iMac Silver
IMAC3-SLIP215/W 21.52 iMac White
IMAC3-SLIP270/DGR 27" iMac Dark Grey
IMAC3-SLIP270/K 27" iMac Black
IMAC3-SLIP270/S 27" iMac Silver
IMAC3-SLIP270/W 27" iMac White