2-Step Glide-along with Double Handrail & Basket

  • Easy to manoeuvre mobile glide-along safety steps with double handrail and basket
  • Moves on spring loaded castors that retract when stepped on
  • Circular cupped feet grip floor for improved stability
  • Anti-slip or ribbed rubber tread surface
  • 125kg weight capacity
  • Robust steel welded construction
  • Supreme quality powder coated finish in 5 colours

Other configurations available: No handrail, Single handrail, Double Handrail, Full Handrail, Double Handrail & Tray

Customer Helpline

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1 year parts


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S-248BC/B Ribbed Rubber Blue
S-248BC/G Ribbed Rubber Green
S-248BC/GR Ribbed Rubber Grey
S-248BC/R Ribbed Rubber Red
S-248BC/Y Ribbed Rubber Yellow
S-251BC/B Anti-Slip Blue
S-251BC/G Anti-Slip Green
S-251BC/GR Anti-Slip Grey
S-251BC/R Anti-Slip Red
S-251BC/Y Anti-Slip Yellow