General Plastic Lockers

  • Tough polyethylene hard wearing locker suitable for both internal and external applications
  • Highly vandal resistant
  • Stackable with one another, regardless of size
  • Rust, rot & corrosion resistant
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and clean
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Small locker is 450(H) x 320(W) x 460(D)
  • Medium locker is 600(H) x 320(W) x 460(D)
  • Large locker is 900(H) x 320(W) x 460(D)
  • Call us for coin operated options

Customer Helpline

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1 year parts


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asc desc

Door Colour

asc desc
WD450/B Small Blue
WD450/G Small Green
WD450/R Small Red
WD450/Y Small Yellow
WD600/B Medium Blue
WD600/G Medium Green
WD600/R Medium Red
WD600/Y Medium Yellow
WD900/B Large Blue
WD900/G Large Green
WD900/R Large Red
WD900/Y Large Yellow