4 Door Water Resistant Plastic Lockers

Ideal for looker rooms, wet areas or outdoor use, this highly water resistant 4 door locker will not rust or corrode.

"Shower Duty" models are water-spray resistant. "Storm Duty" models are water resistant.

  • Grey colour carcass
  • Locker Dimensions (mm): 1800(H) x 325(W) x 450(D)
  • Drainage plugs fitted for wash-down on "Shower Duty" models
  • Neoprene door seal for additional resistance on "Storm Duty" models
  • Durable and UV resistant recycled MDPE plastic construction
  • Locking with hasp & staple or water resistant cam locks

Also available: 2 door, 3 door models

Customer Helpline

call 0845 6009675


1 year parts


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Door Colour

asc desc
IPPL180325450/4/B Storm Duty Blue
IPPL180325450/4/GR Storm Duty Grey
IPPL180325450/4/OR Storm Duty Orange
IPPL180325450/4/R Storm Duty Red
SHPL180325450/4/B Shower Duty Blue
SHPL180325450/4/GR Shower Duty Grey
SHPL180325450/4/O Shower Duty Orange
SHPL180325450/4/R Shower Duty Red


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COINR-7 Water Proof Coin Return
COINR-8 Water Proof Coin Retain
ULTRA-NUM/DISC Engraved Number Disc
ULTRA-S/TOP Sloping Top Accessory