3 Door Water Resistant Plastic Lockers

3 door locker ideal for changing rooms and wet areas. Water resistant and highly durable design that will not corrode or rust.

Choose from "Shower Duty" or "Storm Duty" models. "Shower Duty" for water spray resistance, Storm Dury for water resistance.

  • Unit Dimensions: 1800(H) x 325(W) x 450(D)mm
  • Manufactured from UV resistant, tough recycled MDPE plastic
  • "Shower Duty" models feature drainage plugs for easy wash-down
  • "Storm Duty" models feature Neoprene internal door seal
  • Includes 2 key water resistant cam locks or hasp & staple
  • Locker carcass is grey

2 door, 4 door models also available

Customer Helpline

call 0845 6009675


1 year parts


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Door Colour

asc desc
IPPL180325450/3/B Storm Duty Blue
IPPL180325450/3/GR Storm Duty Grey
IPPL180325450/3/OR Storm Duty Orange
IPPL180325450/3/R Storm Duty Red
SHPL180325450/3/B Shower Duty Blue
SHPL180325450/3/GR Shower Duty Grey
SHPL180325450/3/O Shower Duty Orange
SHPL180325450/3/R Shower Duty Red


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COINR-7 Water Proof Coin Return
COINR-8 Water Proof Coin Retain
ULTRA-NUM/DISC Engraved Number Disc
ULTRA-S/TOP Sloping Top Accessory