10mph Speed Hump

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Our 10mph regular speed ramps are safe and effective. The traffic calming ramps consist of high visibility yellow and black mid and end sections.

  • Reduces vehicle speed to approximately 10mph
  • Recycled rubber moulded sections
  • Supplied with fixing bolts
  • Cats eyes in mid sections only
  • Neat tapered end sections complete a run
  • NOTE: Tarmac/Asphalt fixing has a 12mm dia x 100mm L bolt with a 24mm Dia x 75mm Rubber Grommit

Whilst not a legal requirement we would recommend that you also add signage to any road where speed bumps are to be used and also advise road users of the recommended speed limit

Customer Helpline

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1 year parts


asc desc


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Fixing Bolt

asc desc
BUNDLE35/CONB 1.85 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE35/TARB 1.85 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE36/CONB 2.35 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE36/TARB 2.35 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE37/CONB 3.35 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE37/TARB 3.35 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE38/CONB 4.35 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE38/TARB 4.35 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE44/CONB 2.85 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE44/TARB 2.85 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE45/CONB 3.85 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE45/TARB 3.85 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE46/CONB 4.85 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE46/TARB 4.85 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE47/CONB 5.35 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE47/TARB 5.35 Metre Bundle Tarmac
BUNDLE48/CONB 5.85 Metre Bundle Concrete
BUNDLE48/TARB 5.85 Metre Bundle Tarmac

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